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How To Breed, Grow & Dry Cannabis
[Image: how-to-breed-grow-and-dry-cannabis.png]

Breed Cannabis: Breeding of cannabis plants happens with the desired compositions.

Grow Cannabis: It refers to growing cannabis plants under optimal conditions.

Harvesting or Drying Cannabis: If refers to drying of marijuana plants when the level of terpenes and cannabinoids are maximal or optimal.

Step 1: Selection & Development of the most suitable plant cultivar

You can grow the most suitable cannabis cultivar under the desired conditions. Probably these plants will be clones of a cultivar with low THC which is <0.5% & high CBD which is >5%. It is for isolation and purification. Highly qualified personnel has established this process for the selection & cultivation.

Growing marijuana plants under optimal conditions come after the selection of the correct plant cultivar. Before you go to grow cannabis, you must first determine the genetics of the plant.

Step 2: Harvesting of the bud material through the mature marijuana plants

When the level of cannabinoids in the bud material is maximal, the harvesting of the marijuana plant takes place. You can do harvesting of the fresh stems along with leaf & twig material at the optimal time. There will be the requirement of using microscopic assessment. It is for determining when the cannabinoid content of the trichomes is maximal.

Step 3: Drying & Milling of the bud material.

There will be trimming off the plant material for retaining all of the cannabinoid-rich buds and for the removal of any other material. For instance, stems, fan leaves, etc. You have to ensure that cannabis plant material is dry for the production of a product comprising <10% moisture.

After that, there is a need for milling and sieving of the dried plant material to a fine powder (1-2mm screen). There will be blending of each batch of dried marijuana powder to bagged and homogeneity, labeled &amp; stored at 4 degrees celsius. 100 kg of marijuana plants will do the production of about 20kg of dry leaf material.

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