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Cat Nutrition - For Cat People
It’s hard not to catch the infectious, cat-loving enthusiasm of the team behind Smalls. It all started when two guys started cooking cat food with human-grade ingredients at home for friends. Smalls was soon a hit with the entire neighborhood, especially after cat moms and dads noticed the benefits of this high-protein diet. 

Now, millions of meals later, Smalls is serving up the highest quality cat food on the market; made by people who actually care about cats. 

Smalls is rooted in promoting the physical and mental health of cats. This deep-seated initiative led them to reimagine cat food entirely. Without getting into too much history, the cat food industry isn’t exactly known for clean ingredients or healthy processes. That’s why Smalls exclusively uses humanely sourced, sustainable ingredients. For cats, that means 100% natural, 100% of the time. 

Aside from their high-quality, human-grade ingredients, Smalls is a wellness win for cats of all ages because of their high protein content. A high-protein diet helps give cats strong bones and healthy muscles to supercharge their quality of life. In fact, the company polled their customers to find out exactly what benefits their cats experienced after transitioning to a Smalls diet.
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